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About the magazine "Viva Ukraine."

In the course of the twenty-third year of nominal independence Ukraine started fighting for independence that would be real. Through the history of mankind none of the peoples of the world had got liberty for free. We, Ukrainians, were promised independence and statehood only on paper, and when we decided to avail of this promise, it turned out that the "big brother" was not actually going to let our country secede from the empire and started punishing Ukrainian people for desiring a better life, freedom and development.

But Ukrainians themselves had changed. For the first time we realized that everything depended only on us. One should not blindly trust politicians, foreign partners and "guarantors", but instead people should trust and believe each other. In a very short period of time, in terrible, tragic, but glorious trials and victories, the population, apathetic and desperate, turned into a People, a Nation. Ukrainians finally felt the confidence and unleashed the Cossack spirit, which had been suppressed in us for centuries by numerous colonialists and occupants.

Under the conditions of a true revival of the Ukrainian spirit and the Ukrainian nation the media get entirely new, very important and responsible tasks. Media can no longer be a mirror that relays the reality, on one hand, but also a propaganda tool - on the other. It is important to deliver fair and impartial information, but at the same time to be aware of what psychological, emotional, ideological influence on people can be carried by a simple at first sight, retransmission of events of the reality. Media should respect readers (listeners, viewers), treat them not as "consumers of an information product", but as compatriots, teammates creating a new, true Ukraine!

The key principles of our magazine are:

- Respect for the readers, their intellect and outlook, time and aesthetic taste. We refer to the reader as to an intelligent and interesting interlocutor, not "a consumer of an information product", and weigh every letter, every word.

- Impartiality and responsibility. Delivering honest and unbiased information, we always think about what impact it has on the reader. We prevent any kind of manipulation, at the same time not hiding, but declaring our own citizenship openly and frankly.

- Focus on continuous searching and developing topics, events and trends that “mainstream” media do not pay attention to. The world and Ukraine in particular, are broader and much more interesting comparing to the image formed by the media, and we try not to repeat the same things after hundreds of colleagues, but instead find something new and unknown, which has not been covered yet.

- Crystallization of the readership. Each word has its price, we want every word in our magazine to have the highest price possible. And not to "caviar to the general", our team, enjoying financial independence, has the privilege to choose the readership of the magazine, its honorable Interlocutors.

- Positivity. No, we do not hide nasty, sad and simply bad news, but we do not manipulate the emotional state of the reader, shoving negative information, which is responsible for the strongest emotions - fear, anger, resentment, and so on. Our readers are people who create, build, their eyes always look forward, they can see the future, the light at the end of even the darkest and the longest tunnel. Our readers are distinguished and united by the ability to look for positive and find support in it, we show what we ourselves are inspired with.

- "Universality". We are eager to talk to people not only in Ukraine but also in the entire world. We want to discuss Ukraine, its place, role and mission. its problems and prospects. We want to help them to discover Ukraine, but also to be open to the Interlocutors' ideas and views. Do not just talk - but to listen carefully, to give the opportunity to speak, to convey their views, thoughts and opinions to the honorable readership of the magazine.

"Viva Ukraine" is published monthly with the circulation of 10 000 copies in Ukrainian and English. It is distributed in Ukraine among distinguished entrepreneurs, managers of business, government and public institutions, public figures, politicians, athletes, artists, in all diplomatic missions of other countries located in Ukraine.

Abroad the magazine is distributed in all the embassies and consulates of Ukraine situated in more than 50 countries of the world. It is distributed among honorable people, who, due to their status, gravitas, position, etc., can influence the attitude of their fellow citizens to Ukraine, establishment, support and development of partnership and friendly relations among the corresponding states and Ukraine. We invite to cooperation any person concerned sharing the views and aspirations of the team, being interested in the development of Ukraine and its close cooperation, friendship, mutual respect and mutual understanding with other countries. You can apply for getting copies of new issues of the magazine each month by e-mail or call

With respect to you and your affairs, sincerely yours, chief editor.