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When people talk about solar energy, they usually mean photovoltaic panels that convert solar energy directly into electricity. Kharkiv team of engineers is building a completely different system without the use of solar cells. Instead, it uses a solar collector and a device that converts thermal energy of sunlight into electricity, as reported by AIN.ua

On Wednesday, October 26, prosecutors gave the paintings to the National Art Museum. Kyiv received 785 paintings, including those made by European and national classics as well as the works of contemporary Ukrainian artists. The pictures were transferred to the museum by judicial decision. For 20 years they were kept in the recesses of the National Bank, and before had belonged to a private Ukrainian financial institution. Experts estimate the collection as equal to 52 million EUR.

Employees of "Ukrzaliznytsia" finished building Beskydskyi railway tunnel in the southern Carpathians that would connect Ukraine and Europe. That was reported by the deputy head of the Department of tracks and structures of "UZ" Heorhii Lynnyk.

During the last weekend, October 29-30, the National Complex "Expotsentr Ukrainy" held the race with obstacles called Race Nation, which was attended by over a thousand fans of extreme sports. According to Siegodnia, the athletes had to overcome a record number of obstacles.

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